CEO Comments


"BDMI has been an incredible asset to the growth of ZergNet time and time again. Numerous key introductions from BDMI to major media companies have resulted in closed deals. What sets them apart to me is their constant passion for proactively finding ways they can be helpful."



"BDMI has been exceptionally helpful both strategically and tactically. Their team has made many useful, thoughtful introductions across media and commerce; they've dug in to help us establish the right KPIs and analytics for our commerce business; and they follow through on everything they promise. Plus they know good beer -- what's not to like?"

--Amanda Hesser, CEO


"As early as our diligence process BDMI demonstrated their value-add and digital media expertise. Their questions and feedback resulted in much-improved thinking around our revenue projections and marketing strategies, and that's just the beginning."

--Jamie Wilkinson, CEO


"BDMI exceeded all my expectations as an investor, since you get the best of both worlds with them. You get the benefit of BDMI as a strategic investor, where they deliver exceptional strategic value in the form of insights and introductions both within Bertelsmann and across other international media companies. And you get the benefit of BDMI as a traditional VC, looking out for the team and the company's best interests."

--Alicia Navarro, CEO